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One of the most common worries as well as annoyance for homeowners is leaking roofs. The moment you see signs of a leakage then it is advisable for you to call for professional help in Boca Raton. The most common sources of the leakage are as below:

  1. Around the chimney
    The flashing in and around the chimney is a major basis of leaks. Flashing is used to cover up a huge gap between the roof and the chimney, and it pulls away from the bricks with passage of time or rust. This is in fact not difficult for you to spot, so you can tell quickly if that is the exact place from your leak starts.
  2. Shingles
    With passage of time or even when very old or due to big storm the shingles on the roof may be damaged. Thus when water passes over these shingles then it seeps onto the underlayment which eventually results in leakage inside your house. You need to look for signals like crumpling or looping shingles, or clear missing marks or even baggy granules.
  3.  Gutters
    Have you not cleaned the gutters for quite some time now? If so then they might get clogged or even damaged due to water getting stagnated thereby causing leaks. The water also might freeze in the canal leading to several other problems apart from leaks. Hence it becomes all the more important for you to have your gutters cleaned every now and then to avoid leaks even if there are no leaks as of now.
  4. Valleys
    The two planes of a roof intersect and meet at a point known as a valley. Reckoning on the location of your home live, the valley could be enclosed with flashing, furled roofing, or anything else. Water gathers in these low spots and when any problem arises with the covering it leads to seeping of water into the house.
  5. Around ice blocks
    Regardless of the fact that your roof is in extraordinary shape, ice dams can bring about leakages. These edges of ice that frame at the edge of rooftops captures dissolved snow and doesn’t permit it to keep running off like it ought to. This gathered water can bring about huge leaks.
  6. Vents, pipes, and other roof penetrations
    Where ever an object projects above the roof there is every chance of leakage. You need to scrutinize the flashing about these points for corrosion or loose spots.

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  7. Wall Step Flashing
    Some rooftop leaks takes place at step flashings. You need to find out these flashings where a roof scales by an upright divider. As every column of shingles is laid, a step flashing is introduced over the shingle alongside the divider. Part of the flashing comes out on the wall and the other section gets protected by the following line of shingles. Search for rust or openings in these flashings.
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