Downey Roofing & Contracting (Roofer Boca Raton) is a licensed state certified roofing contractor Boca Raton known for its decades of services in providing long lasting and affordable roofing solutions to the residents and businesses of South Florida.

Downey is acknowledged to be finest roofing contractor in Boca Raton. We are a family run business who firmly believe in going that extra mile in providing the best roof for your house. Our commitment to keep you and your family or business safe is unwavering and non-negotiable.

Our deep commitment to our customers have earned us glowing testimonials and reviews from customers and businesses.







Generally roofs by Boca Raton roofers are built to sustain for about 10 to 15 years but the roof needs a lot of attention to live that long in good condition. You have to maintain roof properly.

Don’t even think of delaying any repairs if the roof needs one. Otherwise the damage may worsen. If your current roof is installed over an older layer of roofing, you are going to have to redo your roofing in 20 years. As many roofs only last for around 20 years before they need replaced. Replacing or repairing shingles immediately can save money and stress later. But not any temporary fix as it may lead to expensive problems in future. Always be ready to bargain with the roofing contractor in Boca Raton and get all the details. If your roof is properly maintained, it will last quite a while. It’s always better to safe than sorry. So, don’t forget to wear rubber boots when climb on the roof. Even in dry conditions you will reduce the chance of slipping if you wear the right kind of boots. Maintaining your balance on the roof is crucial.

Do a good background study before you finalize on the Boca Raton Roofer. Compare the various contractors in your area to get an idea of the common rate. Ask friends for referrals, look online, or enlist the help of a service to help you find a good contractor. Don’t straight away finalize the cheapest deal; it may have future hidden costs. Taking proper care ensures that you don’t have any hazards.

Now get set go to repair your roofs.