Downey Roofing & Contracting (Deerfield Beach Roofer) is a licensed state certified roofing contractor known for its decades of services in providing long lasting and affordable roofing solutions to the residents and businesses of South Florida.

Downey is acknowledged to be West Palm Beach’s finest roofing company. We are a family run business who firmly believe in going that extra mile in providing the best roof for your house. Our commitment to keep you and your family or business safe is unwavering and non-negotiable.

Our deep commitment to our customers have earned us glowing testimonials and reviews from customers and businesses.



The roof of your house needs proper care from expert hands. It is definitely not something that you should practice any experimentation of your supposed skills. Read on to learn why you need professional hand of Deerfield Beach Roofer at the job rather than doing it yourself.

Hard to identify the problem – You may think that it’s easy to find leaks and other problems on the roof but in reality it is not. Even though it might be easy to spot wet spots and damaged shingles, it can be tough to detect problems with your roof flashing and other similar issues. If you don’t catch these problems early, they can turn into very serious problems. So it’s best to let a professional inspect your roof. In the long run, you can save a lot of money.

Material Cost – Deerfield Beach Roofing contractors generally buy these materials in bulk and have good relationships with material providers, therefore in the end it can save you on the cost incurred. This difference in cost can help to make up for the labor costs of hiring a professional roofing contractor.

Safety – Doing your daily household work may not be dangerous but getting on the roof is an entirely different story. One small mistake could result in a disastrous accident and you probably would not want to lie down on a hospital bed and incur more cost. Again, if you really want to do it yourself then take proper safety measures.

Equipment Costs – If you are not into roofing work, then you might not have all of the necessary tools to get the job done like tall ladders and material lifts.

Carefully look into all the pros and cons of hiring a professional and decide for yourself.