Downey Roofing & Contracting (Delray Beach Roofer) is a licensed state certified roofing contractor known for its decades of services in providing long lasting and affordable roofing solutions to the residents and businesses of South Florida.

Downey is acknowledged to be Palm Beach County’s finest roofing company. We are a family run business who firmly believe in going that extra mile in providing the best roof for your house. Our commitment to keep you and your family or business safe is unwavering and non-negotiable.

Our deep commitment to our customers have earned us glowing testimonials and reviews from customers and businesses.


Things To Consider About Delray Beach Roofer

Finding a good Delray Beach Roofer to do the roofing can be a daunting task. A roof in good condition is what you need for your home. Read on to find out about some important things you should consider for roofing…

Never go up on your roof without professional training. Get an inspector out to do the job right. You do not want to have the roof cave in under your feet, also you don’t want to be injured while doing the roof. Secure foothold and maintain balance using proper tools and safety measures. Wet or dry, roofs are not safe to be walking casually. Thousands of people get killed or injured from falling off their roofs.

If you are not doing the roofing on your own and have planned to hire a Delray Beach roofing contractor, make sure to do a thorough background check, get some references and visit their office. Do not simply hire the first contractor you find with a low price. Compare the various contractors in your area to get an idea of the common rate. You can ask friends and family, use a service or research online.

Before signing the roofing contract, ask many questions regarding what sort of techniques they use or how many nails per shingle. If you are happy with Delray Beach roofer’s answer, good then sign or otherwise move on. To be on a safer side, don’t pay anything more than 25% beforehand. If they’ve already been paid in full, they may be tempted to do an inferior job. Once you have narrowed down your list of potential contractors, ask them what kinds of warranties are available. Look for a warranty that lasts 3-5 years, however longer is better. Check for warranties that cover any issues caused by human error and defective materials. Ask for copies of each warranty.

Find out if your contractor is a member of an industry association. These associations help contractors learn more about latest techniques and tools, which means your contractor should be more efficient if he belongs to a few associations. If they are not, question their level of dedication to the field.

Now it may happen that roofing contractor you contacted for your leaking roof couldn’t be there for a couple of days and you want to fix it up temporarily. Buy heavy plastic and then nail it to that spot. This is not a long-term fix, but it will give you a little time.

The roof of your home keeps out rain, snow, UV rays to keep you safe. But as time passes, they damage the roof and it will need professional repairing. So, keep in mind the above mentioned points and take good care of roof and yourself.