Do You Need New Roof ? Roof Repair Expert in Wellington Explains

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Roof is the most neglected part of the house. Very few people really bother about the roof and still less inspect their roofs regularly.

Just inspecting roof and fixing minor problems can help avoid costly big ticket roof repairs or roof replacement.

In Wellington, Florida, rainy season has arrived. Roofs have started leaking already and Roofers are busy doing Emergency roof repairs in Wellington, Florida. But all the while I wonder that the home owners could have saved themselves the trouble only if they had conducted roof inspection regularly.

Roofing during the rainy season can be very problematic for a homeowner. Home owners often ask me if they should wait until after the rainy season before re-roofing their home.

There are 2 options before us.  During the winter months Dan Downey Roofing normally tears off one section of roofing and gets it water tight before we move onto the next section. The only time this can change is when we have full confidence that no rain or snowfall is due in the coming days.  During the spring summer and fall months we typically remove the entire roof and make it all water tight at the same time as the threat of rain is non-existent. Regardless of when we do your re-roof job, we constantly check the weather forecasts to make sure that our roofing work and your convenience is not hampered.

As Wellington’s #1 Roof Repair Contractor, we are available to assist a homeowner in reaching their goals. Our advice to any homeowner that thinks they may have a leaky roof issue is to call your local roofing contractor. Many times, by the time a homeowner actually sees a leaky roof, considerable damage has already been done.

Contact a local roofing contractor for quotes for on Roof repairs.

Author: Dan Downey

I am the owner of Downey Contracting Inc. I am a General Contractor, a Roofing Contractor, a Structural Building Inspector for Florida, and a Structural Roofing Inspector for Florida. Downey Contracting Inc. - Roofing Contractor Palm Beach County is known for reasonable and efficient services. We are equipped to handle all of your contracting needs. Our team has hardworking and highly qualified professionals. Call me at 5617057663 for all your roofing troubles!

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