Downey Roofing & Contracting (Highland Beach Roofer) is a licensed state certified roofing contractor known for its decades of services in providing long lasting and affordable roofing solutions to the residents and businesses of South Florida.

Downey is acknowledged to be Highland Beach’s  finest roofing company. We are a family run business who firmly believe in going that extra mile in providing the best roof for your house. Our commitment to keep you and your family or business safe is unwavering and non-negotiable.

Our deep commitment to our customers have earned us glowing testimonials and reviews from customers and businesses.


Helpful Roofing Tips From Highland Beach Roofer

Generally most of the people don’t know very much about roofing. You need to go in depth and research. Roof damage can eventually lead to serious damage to other parts of your home. Read on to know more about roofing.

The age of your roof is the most important factor in deciding whether to repair or replace it. Most roofs only last about 20 years. Even if you have a new roof on top of your old one, you’re going to have to replace it once the older one is about 20 years old. Keep your roof and gutters clean. These materials can cause water to pool and it will damage your roof. When water sits on the roof, shingle layers start to rot, which requires costly repair work.

When choosing your roofing material do remember that there are different roofing material for every region. Climates where we live acts as a decision maker like roofs made of clay are excellent for dryer climates. They can really keep a home very cool. But, in rainy areas, clay tiles can get worn down pretty quickly.

Check the references and credentials of any Highland Beach roofer you want to hire. Follow up on the reference you are given and contact them for their experiences with the Highland Beach roofing contractor you are considering. Visit some of the properties and don’t simply hire the cheapest contractor you can find. Do a complete comparison between several professionals to get the best one for your roof who has ample experience. Don’t forget to ask for at least a 3-5 year warranty that’ll cover things such as issues with the materials or workmanship. You’ll also want a copy of the manufacturer’s warranties.

A nice looking green / living roof is another option.  Living roofs have a layer of soil where plants can grow. Although it only works well in good climates and on a roof that’s flat, it’s a great form of insulation as well.

With these handy information with you, repair the roof without any hindrance.