How A Professional Roofer Can Make A Difference

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Roofing is a job which requires careful planning and execution. Only a professional roofer with years of experience should be entrusted for roof repairs and installations when your business or facility is at stake. Any laxity or lack of foresight can prove to be disastrous just as in the recent case of the Multnomah County where a leaky roof resulted in damage to property, power and man hours.


According to an article in a news website, this unfortunate incident occurred on July 22, 2014. In the morning when the elected commissioners of the Multnomah County and their staff arrived at their office they were shocked to be welcomed by a leaking roof, soggy carpets and furniture. The building’s roof replacement project was underway and on the previous day the construction workers had removed a concrete slab covering the roof. On Tuesday morning, heavy showers hit the area resulting in rainwater getting in to the building through the missing slab. While fortunately the damage was limited to a few ceiling tiles and insulation, the final scenario could have been a whole lot worse but for the prompt action taken by the county facilities workers.

The case highlights the fact that a roofer cannot be too careful while the roofing work is underway. All contingencies should be planned beforehand to avoid such unpleasant circumstances.

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