How to Choose a West Palm Beach Roofing Contractor

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If you are looking for a roofing contractor in West Palm Beach Florida then here are the 10 Tips for Selecting a Roofing Contractor.

Finding the right West Palm Beach roofer is very important if you want to avoid increased costs and a compromised roof.

A certified and professional roofing contractor can be your most important asset while fixing an old roof or installing a new one. In West Palm Beach, you may come across many unlicensed and fly-by-night operator who won’t not only fail to do a proper job on your roof but won’t be around when you want to avail warranty.

Here are some of the important considerations which you have to take care of before hiring a roofing contractor in Palm Beach County.

  1. How long has the roofer been in roofing and general contracting business? Roof generally lasts for 20 years. Not only that a new roof means a lot of money. With proper maintenance and repair, a home owner or a facility manager can prolong the life of a roof. All new roofs have a warranty. A roofer who is a local and has been in the roofing business for many years ( Like Downey Roofing) are most likely to be around when some problem arises.
  2. Does the roofing contractor have a permanent office address, phone, website and email? Bonafide businesses invest time and money in long term resources and infrastructure.
  3. Does the contractor use subcontractors? Many roofers used Subcontractors. Subcontractors are paid on a per project basis which can hamper the quality of the project.
  4. Does the roofer provide a written contract and estimate? A professional roofer will provide a written contract with all the specifications, prices and ETA.
  5. Is the roofer listed on Better Business Bureau or Chamber of Commerce in the Palm Beach County? A cursory look of the contractor’s records in the Better Business Bureau and the local Chamber of Commerce can shed a lot of light on the reputation and responsiveness of the roofing company.
  6. Is the roofer licensed? A roofer in West Palm Beach needs to be licensed to be able to ply his trade. Anyone without a license is not authorized to be a roofer or a general contractor.
  7. Does the roofer provide emergency roof repairs? You may require emergency roof repair due to leaks during the rainy season. For e.g. Downey contractor provides same day emergency roof repair to its customers.
  8. Is the Roofer listed in HomeAdvisor? HomeAdvisor is an industry leader and all professional roofers are listed on the website.
  9. Ask for references. Ask the roofer for references of the past customers. A professional and reputable roofing contractor company in West Palm Beach will have many testimonials and feedback.
  10. YouTube channel. If a roofer who gives out tips using his blog or YouTube roofing videos, it’s always an extra point. This means that the roofer is accessible and understands the questions home owners generally have.
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