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Jupiter Roofer – Know How To Prevent Tree Limbs From Damaging Your Roof 

Everyone wishes to have a spectacular looking property with garden full of flora and fauna. Now all beautiful things cannot be good for everyone. That beautiful big tree that adorns your garden can be a sight to remember with his braches swaying to the winds. But it may turn nasty if you stay in a windy location or a location that sees a lot of extreme weather. The branches can do some serious damage to your shingles, the appearance of your house, your wallet and your sanity. Save yourself from some major repair costs by being aware as to how thwart tree limb damage.

  1. Clear the roof from fallen leaves – The fallen leaves are only the starting point of accumulation of tree debris and at first it will affect your gutter system. The branches and-or twigs will work with the leaves to clog your gutter. This means that the water will both weigh down and potentially ruin your gutter and overflow and cause leak damage.
  2. Maintain safe distance between the limbs and your roof – More damage can be foreseen, if you allow the big tree to rub on your roof. Just trim the braches to make sure no serious damage is done. Just because you trimmed it once does not mean that you will not have to make adjustments. Trees tend to shift and grow quite quickly, therefore you should continue to check if tree limbs have found their way back to you roof. In addition, trees drop things. That is why you should consistently look for new marks on your roof under or near the tree.
  3. Look at the tree carefully – You should always keep a watchful eye on the tree. See to it that the tree looks stable or not or it’s going to fall down any minute. Also look for any holes or a growth of mushrooms. If you see any of it then the tree would require a health check up.
  4. Expert guidance – It’s not like that the tree will always put a dent on the roof so that you can detect any roof damage. Sometimes it is difficult to spot. So you should look around the ground to inspect for any fallen roofing materials or shingles.

Follow the expert roofing tips from Jupiter roofer to prevent damage from tree limbs as mentioned above. You can easily have a gorgeous tree and save yourself repair or even replacement costs at the same time if you remember these suggestions.