Downey Roofing & Contracting (Palm Beach Gardens Roofer) is a licensed state certified roofing contractor known for its decades of services in providing long lasting and affordable roofing solutions to the residents and businesses of South Florida.

Downey is acknowledged to be Palm Beach Gardens’s finest roofing company. We are a family run business who firmly believe in going that extra mile in providing the best roof for your house. Our commitment to keep you and your family or business safe is unwavering and non-negotiable.


Our deep commitment to our customers have earned us glowing testimonials and reviews from customers and businesses.

Research well on roofing before you start working on your roof. Generally, most of the roof has a lifespan of 15-20 years before it needs to be replaced. Read on to have an idea of what needs to be remembered while repairing roof.

A storm may trigger damage to your shingles, but wait till it is over. Never go on a wet roof, there is an immense possibility to meet with an accident due to its slippery surface. You can only fix the roof if it’s dry with all safety measures in place. It’s justifiable that you replace the worn out shingles once you spot them rather than postponing it thinking it’s not a major issue. If you repair them soon then only you will be able to save money.

Maintenance is important, if you want your roof to last long and definitely no temporary fixes. Get a fully fledged repair done when needed. Use quality products and not any cheap alternative that may wear out early. Before starting on to the job, always cut the grass short. It enables you to find any fallen nails easily and magnetized nail finder too works faster in short cut grasses.

When you are hiring a Palm Beach Gardens Roofer, ask for the proof of current comprehensive insurance. Also it would be wise if you go for a contractor who has a team of workers under him. This will ensure the job is done faster. A thorough background check is a must before you finalize one. The more experienced the contractor is, the more satisfactory result is ensured.

Don’t feel intimidated by the word roofing; instead research more to do the work more confidently.