Roof Maintenance For The Rainy Season in West Palm Beach

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Roof maintenance is the golden rule of roofing. Failure to do so can mean costly repairs. Here are some tips from your local roof repair contractor in West Palm Beach, Florida.

1) Make sure that you have your roof checked and cleaned at least once a year. This can be DIY (do it yourself). YOu can look for some debris, loose equipment, water puddle, holes, loose screws and nails, paint or sealant that has been damaged or if there are already rust formations.

2) Check if the gutters are clean, leaves, soil etc. are not creating any blockage. It can cause water to accumulate on the roof and cause seepage and leakage.

3) Always check the roof after a major storm or rain because there might have been external objects such as stones, other roofs, debris etc. that winds can pick up, which can do great damage to it, such as scratches and holes, even the minute ones.

4) From the inside, be alert for dark areas on the ceilings, peeling paints, damp spots etc. which may be signs of early roof leaks.

5) For old roofs, repainting them at least once every two to three years is essential. Repainting prevents rust from forming and maintains proper protection from heat, wind and rain.

6) Make sure to use the right products for roof holes and leaks.

7) For new roofs, seal roof nails before painting. This ensures that point of entries for water is sealed. Roof nails and joints are critical areas since these are the usual entry points of water where rust forms first and this is where water seeps in that can damage ceilings, walls and furniture.

Maintain your roof regularly and properly and keep your roofing repair costs to a minimum. A roof that is properly maintained can last a lifetime.

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