Tips for Hiring A Professional Roofing Contractor in Wellington

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Before hiring a contractor for installation or repair of a roof there are certain steps that should be undertaken by the customer. Here are tips that everyone should follow for hiring a professional roofer:

1) Ask For The Roofing Contractor’s State License: In Florida, all roofing can only be done by licensed roofers. Every roofer in Palm Beach County must possess a license for roofing just like Downey Contracting Inc. has (CCC057658).

Verify Wellington Roofer's License

2) Verify The Contractor’s License: Before hiring a roofing contractor in Wellington, Florida, you should verify the status of the contractor’s license in the county. One easy way to do is by searching here: You can also contact the Palm Beach County Building Department at 561-233-5525 to verify the license.

3) Check If the Contractor Has Proper Insurance: Roof installation and repairs possess a risk to the workers and customers, so it is vital to ensure that the roofing contractor has proper insurance. Downey Contracting Inc. properly insures all its employees and customers.

4) Ask For References: A well-established roofing contractor will have many customers. The contractor should be willing to give out the names and contacts of the clients. Call the previous customers and get their feedback about the contractor.

5) Get A Price Estimate In Writing: Verbal estimates could be a major cause of disputes in the future. Hence it is advisable that as a client you should get a written estimate. The estimate should spell out everything clearly like all the work, materials that will be used, completion date and cost. All the work & materials should be explained in detail. It is a good idea to get estimates from multiple contractors, but make sure to keep the specifications consistent so that you can properly compare and evaluate the prices and deadlines.

6) Do Not Get Lured By Low Prices: Though prices are a major deciding factor, do not hire a contractor just because he is the cheapest. Verify a contractor’s credibility, experiences, licenses and references before hiring him. Stay away from unlicensed contractors as that can mean denial of your insurance claim.

7) Check If The Hired Contractor Has Building Permits: Roof installation needs permits and inspections by the local building officials. As a homeowner you should ask for them.

8) Get A Detailed Contract: While hiring a contractor, ensure that the contract has the contractor’s name, street address, telephone number and state license number. A complete and accurate work description, schedule and list of materials should be mentioned in the contract along with the price. Warranty and the terms & conditions for a roof installation or re-roofing should also be mentioned.

Author: Dan Downey

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