Why Should You Clean Your Roof?

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Why Should You Clean Your Roof in West palm beach

As a roofing contractor in West Palm Beach, I have installed and repaired hundreds of roofs. Isn’t it a great feeling when we own something that is brand new? Irrespective of the thing whether it is a car, a new pair of slippers or even a new dream home with a new roof in West Palm Beach, owning them makes us all proud. Then again we all as well comprehend that new things will not be new forever.

So also, new roof will not be new for a long time. On the day when the roof was finished it appeared so perfect, dirt free,  only to become dirty with algae and moss growth. This is the time you need to think of cleaning your roof.

Why should your roofs be cleaned?

There are a few answers yet the three most vital motivations to have your roof cleaned is for preserving your roof and to restore the general appearance of your home with a more new and cleaner looking roof. Now-a-days it has become a must to keep your roofs free from any kind of algae or moss growth, if you want to have an insurance policy for your home.  Apart from this there is yet another most significant reason behind maintaining your roof clean is when you are looking to sell your home.

Routine roof maintenance

When you had built your house your roofer would not have told you about power washing your roofs, but the majority of the shingle producers ask home owners to always clean their roofs on a periodic basis. Everyone of us are aware that no shingle will last forever, but when you maintain it in a clean and tidy way the life of your shingles will maximize.

Remove Algae & Moss

The truth is that every algae, moss or even molds need some kind of nutrients to grow, and incidentally some elements of shingles are source providers of these nutrients. In fact continued growth of these organisms will bring about some kind of hole/leakage on your shingles. Bear in mind that the growth of algae and molds will reduce the life of your shingles to around forty to fifty percent.

Mold on roof may enter inside homes

When molds grow on your roof then it produces microscopic spores that very easily enter the inside of your homes through the soffits and rim vents. When these spores land in a sufficiently wet and plenty of nutrients place, they rapidly increase as big colonies. This can risk the health of your family.

Lower your summer electricity bill

Growth of microorganisms on roofs normally looks like dark streaks. And as absorption of heat is more by dark colors, dark streaks on your roof will increase the temperature by several degrees and hence power washing your roofs is recommended.


Although it’s effortless to overlook your roofs and so it gets out of mind hence the significance of keeping your roofs mold- as well as algae-free is a never overstated. Remember that the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association (ARMA) strongly suggests using soft chemicals when you power wash your shingles.

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